The product is traditionally taken once a day, dissolved in warm water, tea or milk with a temperature up to 39°C. Filtered and non-chlorinated water is recommended. The initial doses should be the size of a grain of wheat and later up to the size of a pea. Ghee (clarified butter), coconut butter or honey can also be added to the solution. INTAKE: With a spoon, break off a piece of shilajit in the size of a grain of wheat or in the size of a pea and dissolve it in 200 ml of fluid. Shilajit dissolves fully within a few minutes. Stir and consume. The recommended daily intake (0.2 to 0.6 g) should not be exceeded. After three weeks of intake, a one-week break is recommended.

Shilajit or mumie can be used in a variety of ways! It is an excellent ingredient for regeneration drinks, smoothies and culinary specialties. It also works well with other dietary supplements, foodstuffs and superfoods as well, because it enhances and enriches their potential. In the area of cosmetics, shilajit is used for the preparation of peelings, wraps and ointments, which have excellent results due to its high efficiency. Shilajit does not contain allergens and is appropriate for all skin types. We are excited to share traditional shilajit recipes and contemporary findings in connection with it, so follow us!




A shilajit treatment against stretch marks, scars and cellulite:

  • dissolve 1 part of shilajit in the same quantity of purified water
  • dissolve 9 parts of shea butter in a container heated in a warm water bath

Add the shilajit and water mixture to the dissolved shea butter and stir until you get an even texture. If you want the ointment to have a more pleasant smell, add a drop of your favourite essential oil. Allow the ointment to cool down to get a firmer texture.


  • Massage the affected areas once or twice a day, best after a shower, when the skin pores are open.
  • For a greater effect, apply a thicker layer of the ointment and let it work for 2 hours. Take a lukewarm shower after use.

The results can be seen in 4-6 weeks. The solution of shilajit and purified water can also be mixed into a day or night cream. Use to rejuvenate and revitalise facial skin.