Beneficial effects


Mountaindrop Shilajit Beneficial effects

Has a:

- Rejuvenating effect

- Significant antioxidant properties


- Mental and cognitivne function

- Balanced function of the immune system

- Male & female sexual function

- The metabolism of fats and sugars


To normalise body weight

Helps maintain:

- The strength of bones and health of joints

- Balance and comfort of the menstrual cycle

- The health of the urinary system

- The health of the prostate gland


Run your fastest lap, lift your maximum weight or climb the highest peak! Whether you aim for a gold medal or just to beat your own record, long-term health and efficient support for the body are essential. Regular activity often leaves us without energy and with a body prone to sickness as our immune system can’t always cope with everything we put it through. Mumio Shilajit proves itself in this area time and time again, where fast regeneration and strong immune system is vital not only for maintaining health but also for achieving new and better results.

Daily Routine

Modern life can be very stressful. Fast-paced living requires a constantly clear mind and mental strength for combating whatever life throws at us combined with enough energy to get us successfully through the day. Mountaindrop Shilajit helps with boosting your mental and physical health, which greatly impacts the way you live your daily life. Want to know what it’s like to wake up full of energy ready to take on the new day? Then Shilajit just might be the right thing for you. The beneficial effects of Shilajit are endless.


The stresses and responsibility of one’s work can be a major challenge. Mountaindrop Shilajit will greatly boost your coognitive functions and sharpen your mind. This greatly improves how well you can deal with any situation and help you stay stress-free. Afterall, hard work requires a sharp mind. Feel what its like to reach your true potential!


Ageing is inevitable, taking place every second of one’s life. Nevertheless, its processes can be slowed down by taking care of our skin, body and spirit. The skin is our largest organ and the border with our environment. Skin has exceptional regeneration abilities if given suitable aid like Mountaindrop Shilajit. As the proverb says, we are at our happiest when feeling good in our skin. The skin is the mirror of your health and beauty. Let your inner happiness radiate on the outside as well!


Injuries can happen to anyone no matter if you’re a seasoned professional or just an enthusiastic beginner. Putting immense strain on our muscles and joints can result in unwanted muscle tearing and damages on a cellular level. Shilajit, with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory function on the neurotransmitter level, reduces the sensation of pain while providing much needed healing support.

Rejuvenating Effect

Shilajit cointains 85 vitamins and minerals, aminoacids, fulvic acid, hippuric acid, phospholipides, DCP & DBP, 60 macro- and microelements and an effective phytocomplex amongst other healing substances. This is what makes Mountaindrop Shilajit such a powerful natural biostimulat which greatly strengthens the functioning of the organism and your immune system. In the last century, it has become a subject of much extensive clinical and professional research. All those who have decided to try mumie due to its powerful and proven strength continue to do so because it has vastly improved the state of their health.


With a clear mind and rejuvenated physical health with healthy hormone levels, many users of Mountaindrop Shilajit reported a much stronger libido which can greatly impact the quality of personal life. Hormones play a vital role in the development and functioning of the body. They also influence one’s mood and contentment. A fulfilling sex life is an important part of a relationship and of your life balance. Mountaindrop Shilajit helps maintain the balance and comfort of the menstrual cycle, supports the male and female sexual functions and helps maintain the health of the prostate gland. Prevent stress and tiredness from affecting this wonderful aspect of your life!


Ageing is inevitable, taking place every second of one’s life. Nevertheless, its processes can be slowed down by taking care of our body and spirit. What goes around comes around! Our golden years can indeed be golden if we maintain physical activity, the health of our heart and coronary systems, the flexibility of our joints and a positive outlook on life. And just like muscles, mental and cognitive functions need training and upkeep. Studying is good exercise for the brain, but it requires effort and endurance, with concentration and memory often starting to worsen in our golden years.  Mountaindrop Shilajit supports and helps with mental and cognitive functions. Preserve the clarity, sharpness and focus of your thoughts throughout your life!