Last night, an area of my gum became very soar and I had a burning sensation. I tried iodine to cool it down and then

I tried turmeric, which got me through the night.

Today I was sipping water to continuously to cool the burning sensation.

In December last year, I fell and my mouth smacked into the pavement, I had a small cut on my lip but my teeth were ok.

In the summer our dog jumped up and butted me in the mouth. He is a heavy dog and his skull is like solid concrete.

Again my teeth were ok.

4 months ago I noticed 4 of my teeth were loose. So I have used natural remedies to resolve the problem.

Early this morning, I had a burning sensation around the affected teeth and tried iodine and turmeric but it did not work.

Only sips of water temporarily relived the burning sensation. A phone call reminded me to take the shilajit.

Within seconds the burning sensation disappeared. 8 hours later i am still pain free.

I have a writing project to edit. I was not looking forward to it.

My previous experience editing the same document was time consuming and energy draining. No matter how many times I made corrections. It would return with typos.

My day turned around when I took my shilajit. My brain fired up,. Mentally I felt better and my energy levels sky rocketed. I breezed through the manuscript. 5 hours later, I am still feeling amazing, mentally and physically.

Diana M.

I came across MountainDrop Shilajit in my local market. I’ve been using MountainDrop for just over 2 months now and it been amazing. I suffered a car accident which left me with multiple injuries. Since using MountainDrop, my recovery has been fast and I’m able to do things in 2 months rather than the suggested 8 months. This is due to the increase in energy both physical and mental. I stopped taking the painkillers and started MountainDrop Shilajit. My pains became less and less daily, I became more active and started walking before I was expected to. Also the constant back pain I had before the accident and after has gone completely. I lost my sense of taste & smell years ago but now I’m beginning to taste something but not exactly what I’m eating but a taste all the same. MountainDrop Shilajit , It’s now my daily ritual.

Kristafa W.