In modern times, we’re often living a stressful and fast-paced life. This is mostly due to a faster tempo of everything and many of us combat this daily stress with sports and exercise. Some people even make a living out of it, like professional athletes who put immense strain on their bodies every day. Regular activity often leaves us without energy and with a body prone to sickness as our immune system can’t always cope with everything we put it trough. Mumio Shilajit proves itself in this area time and time again, where fast regeneration and strong immune system are vital not only for maintaining health but also for achieving new and better results. Want to know how? Read on.


We all know that our progress is diminished without regular exercise combined with persistence and discipline. This means that our muscle tissue must regenerate every day and every night for any visible athletic progress, no matter if you’re a professional or amateur. Whether you aim for a gold medal or just to beat your own record, clear aims and efficient support for the body are essential. In essence, during muscle training of any kind, muscle fibers in our bodies get ‘’ damaged’’ and then healed again overnight which results in muscle growth. While this is a perfectly normal and natural way of growing, it also means that without proper nutrition that would supply us with everything needed to heal, there won’t be any actual progress. After all, there’s just so much we can stand every day without falling apart.

It’s been noticed that Mumio Shilajit can have a considerable and noticeable effect on regeneration time after every training or workout since it boosts the synthesis of growth hormone and testosterone secretion. Testosterone is the main culprit for muscle growth while also promoting faster healing and greater bone mass. Man usually have a much greater quantity of testosterone in their bodies, since it also helps with the development of reproductive tissues such as testes and prostate alongside previously mentioned effects. With women, it’s a bit different, since testosterone and other androgens play an important role in bone and breast health while boosting fertility, sex drive, and menstrual health.  Regular intake of Shilajit can effectively change all of this for the better with numerous satisfied clients to prove it.


Injuries happen every day no matter if you’re a seasoned professional or just an enthusiastic beginner. Putting immense strain on our muscles and joints can result in unwanted muscle tearing and damages on a cellular level. Shilajit, with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory function on the neurotransmitter level, reduces the sensation of pain while providing much-needed healing support. Potassium and Zinc play an important role here since they strengthen muscle tone, act as a shock absorber for excessively acidic pH values while also protecting cells from oxidative stress. And while all of this is much needed for progress, a clear head and strong cognitive functions help us get out of the bed every morning and face all kinds of physical and mental efforts. Because of all this, Mumio Shilajit received a reputation as a rejuvenating substance, as it revitaliSes the entire body…from muscles to mind.

For the skeptics, research was carried out to prove the difference in athletic abilities between people who use Shilajit and non-consumers of it. We could say that steroids work in the kind of a similar way since they boost the previously mentioned testosterone and growth hormone level. It’s also very important to know, that Shilajit doesn’t have ANY side effects and is not prohibited in professional sports. As a result, Shilajit doesn’t work as ‘’spectacularly’’ quickly, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that regular use creates long-lasting positive changes in muscle and connective tissues for the bones of athletes. This resulted in much faster progress overtime for Athletes that regularly ingested Shilajit as opposed to those who didn’t.


It’s no secret that obesity and other weight-related issues are on the rise in modern times. We don’t always get the chance to eat a perfectly healthy meal or even eat regularly. This results in an overweight population and consequently, problems with skin, digestion system, and overall health. Mumio Shilajit supports the metabolism of fats and sugars, helping you maintain your weight without sudden and unexpected drops or raises on the scale. A healthier lifestyle can be achieved this way without drastic diets that would leave us exhausted and sooner or later, back where we started.

Mumio Shilajit offers not only a healthier alternative but a much better and satisfying lifestyle, which has proved numerous times to be the only true alternative for happiness, healthy, and overall better well-being. If you’re still not sure, you’re more then welcome to read numerous testimonials from our many satisfied clients and try Shilajit for yourself. Feel the power of nature and unlock your true potential…one drop can change everything!

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