The sticky substance shilajit offers many benefits to the human body. As the sticky substance is rich in nourishing minerals, helpful metals, and antioxidants, consumption of shilajit can promote overall health, helping protect the human body from common health risks, such as high cholesterol, anemia, fatigue, and even anxiety. Naturally, providing a steady supply of shilajit for the entire household can help the whole family achieve perfect health. Here’s how shilajit can help the whole family.

Shilajit For Mom

When women take shilajit, it can help boost the production of estrogen, which is known to be one of the most important hormones in a woman’s body. As a sex hormone, estrogen regulates bodily functions related to reproduction, such as menstrual cycles and fertility. An imbalance in estrogen levels can lead to unwanted stress, mood swings, low libido abnormal bleeding during menstruation, and worsened premenstrual or menopause symptoms. Naturally, taking shilajit can help moms regulate their hormone levels. Shilajit can also clean and detoxify reproductive organs to boost overall reproductive health.

Shilajit For Dad

When men take shilajit, the substance boosts the production of testosterone rather than estrogen. The hormone testosterone is associated with libido, sperm production, muscle and bone strength, weight, and mood. Since testosterone affects so many aspects of a man’s health, dads can promote overall wellness by consuming shilajit to regulate their bodies’ testosterone production.

Additionally, shilajit has a direct impact on prostate health. Found deep inside the groin, the prostate gland is responsible for creating seminal fluid, which helps sperm travel. By taking shilajit, dads can keep their prostates healthy to boost sperm count and sexual function.

Shilajit for Grandma and Grandpa

Grandparents can take shilajit to fight ageing symptoms. Some of the biggest culprits behind ageing symptoms are the unstable atoms known as free radicals. When there are too many free radicals in the body, they can cause oxidative stress, which damages the body’s fatty tissues, DNA, and proteins. Examples of diseases caused by oxidative stress include diabetes, atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. Older adults can take shilajit to combat these free radicals. Shilajit contains healthy amounts of antioxidants, which keep free radicals neutralised.

Shilajit for Everyone

Shilajit offers no specific health benefits for children. However, that doesn’t mean children can’t benefit from shilajit at all. The general health benefits offered by shilajit can help any member of the family, no matter their age or sex.

The family can get the most out of shilajit by incorporating it with common ayurvedic practices or holistic care. The properties of shilajit allow them to support or boost the positive effects of dietary changes, regular exercise, and meditation, improving your health as a whole. For example, by supporting the metabolism of fats and sugars, shilajit can give a significant boost to any weight loss efforts you are undertaking.

Consuming shilajit keeps you rejuvenated and energised, which can help you perform better when you exercise. These effects are best reinforced through ayurvedic exercises, such as yoga. If you plan on consuming shilajit regularly, start doing yoga to enjoy the benefits of the exercise to a higher degree. It will become a virtuous cycle: by taking shilajit, you will have more energy to do yoga, and by doing yoga, you build better body strength, enhancing the rejuvenating effects of shilajit.

Another ayurvedic practice you can support using shilajit is meditation. The compounds found in shilajit can help improve cognitive function, sharpening your mind and improving your ability to handle stress. These benefits can supplement the effects of meditation, which is also known to improve cognitive functions, including attention, working memory, and recognition memory. Thus, by taking shilajit, you can boost the health effects that you gain from meditation.

Taking shilajit has remarkable health benefits for anyone of any age and sex. By using shilajit to support healthy lifestyle habits, families can improve their health as a whole and keep themselves protected from health risks and diseases.