We love Shilajit.

It represents the pure and powerful nature, combining everything we would like to have in a supplement. It greatly benefits many people around the globe each and every day. While the fact that we can influence the health of so many people in such a strong way brings great joy to us, we still realise that Shilajit offered on the market is not always of good quality. And that’s exactly the reason why we decided to write about proof of quality. If the supplement we’re taking is as it should be, then it can greatly benefit our health…and if not, it can do a lot of damage. 


Like most of the other potent and healing natural substances, the active ingredients are most concentrated in their original form. When this thick black resin is collected on the slopes of Altai mountains it’s still mixed with many impurities like dirt and dead plant residue but it contains the highest possible amount of everything Shilajit has to offer.

Naturally, it can’t be delivered to your door in that state, so all the collected Shilajit has to go through a cleaning process. We won’t bother you with the whole process, because naturally, we wrote a whole blog about it. It’s sufficient to say, that during the cleaning and especially drying process Shilajit can get damaged, or rather, lose its potency. Products of bad quality can even smell like ammonia or some other chemicals that are (not supposed to be, but still are) used during the cleaning part. Of course, these cutbacks save much money but it’s usually at the expense of the final customer. And when the final customer buys the bad product, it’s too late. They end up with an inferior product while spending their hard-earned money on something that’s bad for their health. And this brings us to our next point.


Even if its obvious, we’re still going to say it. Certified products with all necessary laboratory tests are always the right way to go. Not only because they provide us with the security that we’re actually buying an authentic product but also guarantee that we’re not supplementing ourselves with something harmful. Hopefully, you don’t buy products in the grocery store without checking the label first, so why should this be different, right?

Since more and more people are starting to realise how important this is, we should put a lot of emphasis on the importance of knowledge. Always check and know what you’re buying, especially if it’s a food supplement. The industry is full of fakes so some it’s easy to get scammed.


Well, the first thing we test it for is authenticity. Since it’s a common practice to mix all kinds of materials that resemble Shilajit, it’s important to know where your Shilajit is coming from and if you’re even dealing with the real thing. With an authenticity test, we ensure that our product really comes from where we claim it does, whereas its chemical structure must be up to certain standards if it wants to pass the authenticity test. If a seller can’t provide proof of authenticity then you can’t be sure that you’re dealing with an inferior product.

Secondly, we test it for heavy metals. The term heavy metal refers to any metallic chemical element that has a relatively high density and is toxic or poisonous at low concentrations. Examples of heavy metals include mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), arsenic (As), chromium (Cr), thallium (Tl), and lead (Pb). With substances like Shilajit, these can easily find their way inside if you’re buying low-quality products. Heavy metals are actually very common basically everywhere, so there are certain standards that must be met if a product is to be considered safe for consumption. At Mountaintop, we test each batch in specially certified laboratories to make sure that they’re completely safe and can be passed according to all food safety regulations. Lastly, our Shilajit is tested for any harmful bacteria or anything else that could be bad for your health. If the product passes all these tests then it’s ready for consumption.

These tests are usually very expensive, but we realised that the only way to bring this wonderful product of mother nature to the people is to accept the fact that people need proof of safety. We live in times when our health was never more important and we’re just glad that we can do our small part in this. This way, our mission of selling the best possible Shilajit has been achieved through honesty and safe practices. And we couldn’t be more proud. Because your health matters.

You can find all the necessary tests, certificates, and more on our website or you can just send us a message and we’ll gladly send you everything that you need. We hope you learned something in this blog, so until next time, take care.

You can find the lab tests here:

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