If you’ve been following us for some time now, you probably noticed that we mention fairly regularly that Shilajit is not useful only for a healthy lifestyle but can actually be very beneficial for everybody who is into sports. And why is that? Well, several reasons. We all know Shilajit is filled with all kinds of healthy ingredients, ranging from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Fulvic acid, and more. Combined, they affect several essential areas that play a significant role in determining our sports performance. Run your fastest lap, lift your maximum weight or climb the highest peak. Whether you aim for a gold medal or just to beat your own record, long-term health and efficient support for the body are essential. And how does Shilajit achieve that? Let’s have a look.


Workout, whether it is running, swimming, lifting weights, cycling, or anything else that comes to mind, is, in essence, stress for your body. If there is too much of it, it can result in sickness. And just as it happens, Shilajit is known as one of the most potent natural immune system boosters. And we’re not saying that just because of some ancient beliefs. If we take a quick look at our recent complete laboratory analysis of Shilajit, we can see that it actually contains a wide range of vitamin B (from B1 to B6), vitamin E, and some vitamin D3. Not only that, but it also contains quite a few minerals ranging from Zinc, potassium, Iron, Calcium to Magnesium, and many more. The list goes on and on, but you get the idea. Strong willpower is nothing without a strong body, and Shilajit can definitely play a deciding role here. And judging by the response of our customers, this is more than true.


This has been a much-discussed topic because, frankly, we love this aspect of Shilajit and believe that it could help so many people. When we talk about hormonal regulation, we mean the fact that so many of our customers reported significant improvement in this area. It has been proven that Shilajit can help keep hormones at healthy levels through clinical research. And as we all know, testosterone is present in both males and females and is the main culprit behind muscle synthesis and the ability to gain muscle. And that is connected directly to how well we perform in sports since most are based on our physical strength. Of course, much research is still needed in this area, but we can confirm that Shilajit shows much promise for those who want to achieve more naturally. And by no coincidence, Shilajit also seems to make our libido much strong, which is not a surprise with its link to our hormone levels. And ladies, don’t worry, Shilajit will not boost your testosterone. We are talking about regulating healthy levels in each individual. In women, testosterone and other androgens play an essential role in bone and breast health while boosting fertility, sex drive, and menstrual health.


Injuries happen every day, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just an enthusiastic beginner. Putting immense strain on our muscles and joints can result in unwanted muscle tearing and damage on a cellular level. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory function on the neurotransmitter level, Shilajit reduces the sensation of pain while providing much-needed healing support. Potassium and Zinc play an important role here since they strengthen muscle tone and act as a shock absorber for excessively acidic pH values while also protecting cells from oxidative stress. It also boasts a wide array of amino acids that play a vital role in muscle synthesis and are, in their essence, building blocks for protein in our bodies. And if you don’t believe us, feel free to look at our laboratory analysis, where you will find that Shilajit contains more than 20 different amino acids. This way, Shilajit is a welcome partner to anybody who trains regularly. Because let’s face it, with regular and high-intensity training, injuries happen to the best of us, and our body needs good support to make muscle overnight. Why not stay ahead of the game?


To be fair, we’re not entirely sure where this effect comes from. It could be from DCPs and DBPs, which are very particular bioactive substances with unique effects (more of which you can read here). DBPs and equivalents have been encountered in many biotic and abiotic subjects. Animal and human blood has been found to possess DBPs, and their route of formation has been located in poly-unsaturated fatty acids. They exhibit a variety of biological activities such as cytotoxic, antioxidant, antiallergic, antimicrobial, antinematodal, and acetylcholinesterase inhibitory properties. At least 53 dibenzo-α-pyrones have been reported in the past few decades. It could also be fulvic acid or one of the many vitamins and minerals that can be found in Shilajit. But to tell you the truth, we think it’s the combined effect of all of them. Such a wide variety of beneficial ingredients works in a beautiful symphony that will surely raise your energy levels. And that is why we think that using Shilajit in sports is more than justified.


Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to do our preferred sports activities for a living (props to those who can). And as such, we have regular everyday stress to deal with. And as it happens, willpower has its limits like everything else. Modern life can be very stressful. Fast-paced living requires a constantly clear mind and mental strength to combat whatever life throws at us, combined with enough energy to get us through the day. Shilajit helps with boosting your mental and physical health, which significantly impacts the way you live your daily life. And if you stay mentally strong, you are strong enough for regular and intensive training. Many of our customers report boosted cognitive functions, which translate to them being able to do more. After all, a strong mind is vital for maintaining health and achieving new and better results.

Mumio Shilajit offers not only a healthier alternative but a much better and more satisfying lifestyle, which has proved numerous times to be the only genuine alternative for happiness, healthy, and overall better well-being. We strongly believe that Shilajit can significantly affect how you perform in your sports activities and feel like numerous testimonials from our customers prove that. Feel the power of nature and unlock your true potential. You will not be sorry. And if you’re already using Shilajit in sports to get that extra edge, we would be more than happy to hear about your experience!

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